The People Behind The Curtain

Buddy Calvo & Perla Rivera

Director Buddy Calvo and Producer Perla Rivera started Machina Cinema in 2006. They began working on two short films written by Calvo earning them official selections in the San Antonio Film Festival and the 2007 SA48HR Audience Award. Calvo also worked as dailies editor and music supervisor. Rivera served as an associate producer on My Dog the Champion and since then Machina Cinema has worked closely with the Nations.


Robin & Kevin Nations

The Nations are the co-producing and co-directing team who brought films such as Angel Dog, My Dog the Champion and Adventures of Pepper and Paula to the Starz, Encore and the HBO Family networks, RedBox, Netflix and Wal-Mart.  The two were excited to change gears and team up with Machina Cinema to create the post apocalyptic/teen/adventure film Stage V.  The Nations are currently in production on a new film called Round of Your Life starring Allie DeBerry, Katie LeClerc and Richard T. Jones.

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