About Stage V

What would you do if life handed you the key to live forever?

When America’s fascination with looking young and living forever creates a viral outbreak, the Earth’s population starts to reduce in stages. After the first four are completed, CHILDREN and TEENS are the only humans left in an apocalyptic world where they must not only fend for themselves against the virus, but also…each other.

This is STAGE V.

Shelters are set up around the world to help the remaining survive. Given weekly antidotes called Z-37 to combat the effects of the virus, everyone realizes their days are still numbered. But for the occupants in the MAGNOLIA shelter, the virus takes a backseat to the violence handed down by a couple of ruthless teens – STEVEN and CESAR. And for JOHN, his girlfriend MALLORY, and DENNIS, the violence hits too close to home and they decide to escape.

Out on their own in the wasteland, the trio seek refuge from a thunderstorm in an upscale house. There they meet OLIVIA and OSCAR, two siblings who managed to survive in their own home with a family friend, Brandon, an older boy with a short temper and an abundant supply of Z-37. Having suffered from cabin fever long enough, Olivia and Oscar decide to join the others on their new adventure despite Brandon’s reluctance.

With imminent death around the corner, the teens decide to make the most of their final days by fulfilling some lifelong dreams. John convinces the group to bypass the next shelter and travel with him to his beloved childhood home. Olivia learns how to drive. Oscar is taught how to swim. And Dennis learns what life is like on a team. But these impromptu glory days are short-lived as Steven and Cesar track down the escapees, seeking vengeance.

When the group prevails against Steven and Cesar, they finally make it to John’s home. Settling in for their final few days, they bond even more within the close quarters and share some intimate and thought provoking moments. And when the Stage V “expiration” date finally arrives, our ill-fated teens have made peace not only with themselves but with the rest of the world.

Experience a coming-of-age apocalyptic journey that teaches us death is only an afterthought, when life is filled with love, friendship and the pursuit of happiness.